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An Introduction: Suzanne Leff

Welcome to Sunday Brunch! I’m one of your hosts, and I look forward to sharing some stories with you on this blog. To give you a little background, here’s a snapshot of who I am and how I came to Sunday Brunch.

My name is Suzanne Leff. I am a thirty-something (Gen X?) mother of two children and wife of a community college professor. I work as a real estate attorney representing homeowners associations in Colorado and am a trained mediator. I volunteer with my daughter’s public elementary school and live in a cohousing community. In my recreational time, I cross-country ski, walk my part-time standard poodle to the dog park while listening to This American Life podcasts and Santogold, read graphic novels by Joe Sacco, Marjane Satrapi and others, and watch classic movies with my family. My future posts will add dimension to each of these aspects of my life, while also documenting my search for professional opportunities that allow me to focus on policy, legislative drafting, and more direct involvement with services that benefit underserved populations.

Sunday Brunch serves as a next step for Alli, Maria, and myself. For over two years, the three of us have met regularly, and on an as-needed basis, to set and discuss our career goals, challenge one another to follow through on commitments to ourselves, and celebrate success. We have come to know each other’s strengths, fears, and personal factors that drive decision-making. Originally, we recognized the benefit of providing a structured and supportive environment for defining our professional development goals. But I have come to look forward to my meetings with Alli and Maria because of a deeper friendship that they offer. I trust their feedback and know that, with their help, I will learn more about myself and, consequently, will find more fulfillment in my personal and professional endeavors.

We meet on Sunday mornings and rotate hosting responsibilities. Our sessions routinely cover personal relationships, family, health, exercise, entertainment, travel, and, of course, compliments for the always delicious food that the host serves. Through this blog, I hope that more people will join us for Sunday Brunch (any day of the week) and all the topics that we dish up.


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