thirtysomething… and Why I’m Writing Here

“This must be why the show ‘thirtysomething‘ was a hit,” I said to Suzanne over coffee a few weeks back.

I never watched “thirtysomething.” I was nine when it started in 1987, so at the time the subject matter (which I can only guess hovered around the lives of those who were in their thirties) didn’t exactly grab me in the same way that “Degrassi Junior High,” which also started in 1987, did.

And yet, suddenly I feel like I get it. The thirties carry a certain gravity that the twenties never did–at least for me. There is opportunity for greater reward along with opportunity for greater failure. Like falling, it hurts more when you’re older.

I imagine the show to basically be about my life now (though, like with most things, chances are I am completely wrong). There are significant career moves, changing priorities, money problems and competing interests. Only when I run into problems or choices, they don’t all get wrapped up at the end of 60 minutes–or, for the really serious issues, at the end of the season.

But sometimes I can work through them at brunch. Sunday brunch.

Just over two years ago, I started meeting with a couple of women (my co-authors on this blog) on Sunday mornings. These women, like myself, did not have all the answers. Together, we get just a little bit closer. Through these relationships, I have discovered the value of surrounding yourself with trusted advisers–both within the brunch circle and beyond. I may not have a scriptwriter to wrap everything up in an episode, but I have many people I rely on to help me write my own script.

I don’t know what I expect from this blog. I know I plan to share resources and thoughts on professional development, building a circle of advisers and, importantly, being a valuable adviser (still not sure “adviser” is the word I’m looking for, but it will do for now–maybe I’ll work that out online, too).

My own little selfish wish is that we’ll be able to build a community from which I will learn much, much more than I could ever hope to on my own.

Thanks for reading.

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